"The Renaissance Collection"

"The Renaissance Collection"

​Limited edition, Gallery Wrapped, Canvas Giclee,

​Available in 3 sizes

​40" X 60" - 123       (shown in inset​)

24" X 36" - 231

16" X 20" - Open Edition

The Canvas Giclee

I chose the  form of reproducing my 3 dimensional art into a gallery wrapped limited edition print for your wall. When the Renaissance Collection came about I wanted to share the story behind it and in a sense keep the collection together. 

​I want to thank my photographer,  Robert Batey from Sieverville, TN. for his talent and the time he spent with me for this shot.

Thru research and a little  trial and error, I discovered this archival form of producing an incredible piece of art that will fit into your décor and last for decades.   All pieces will be approved, signed and numbered by me. I am very passionate about my work and want only the best for my collectors. 

​With warmest regards,


The Story of Grace

Thru my reluctance, the journey to this final piece has transpired over several years. I started with a gourd, a stack of pine needles and a lot of time. I wanted this piece to be unique and distinctive. I approached it lovingly and labored over if for countless hours. When it was finished, I thought of it as a masterpiece. The one thing left to do was to take it into the garage to seal. In my excitement to finish this project, I haphazardly attempted to set it down. Instead, the piece flew out of my hands. I struggled to gain control, obviously the sanding and waxing I had done was working against me. Several times I had my hands around it only to have it slip quickly out of my clutch. Then I heard a resounding "thud"  with a simultaneous "snap" that echoed in my ears. The piece had bounced off the cement floor, rolled over and came to an abrupt stop. For a moment time stood still; I gazed down at the floor contemplating what had just happened, " Maybe it survived." I reassured myself; however I knew I had done something terribly wrong. I turned it over; and there was a hideous crack running down the back of the gourd. "Unsalvageable!" I said, "Ruined!", "Worthless!" and with a sigh I brought it up to eye level, it was then that I became aware of the full extent of the damage. Nevertheless; I was not ready to let go and throw it out. Instead, it found a prominent spot in my studio, always visible, always there. Why did I choose to keep it around? That nasty crack was continually taunting me. It was relentless, but I still did not want to give the piece up. There was a simple solution; I would hide it where it could not be seen. I would bury it deep in a very dark location. Was I pretending the cracks existence was irrelevant to the final purpose of the piece? It was still unsalvageable. So I would just distance myself from it and move on with my life. Yet it kept creeping back in; even when hidden I knew the crack was still there.The realization finally struck me that I had to get rid of the gourd. After all, the crack made it worthless. Or did it? What if I removed the crack? I quickly pulled out my saw, and with little thought as what to do, I went to work on that crack. It no longer was going to be a part of my piece; it had no place and no purpose. It had to go! When the whirring of the saw quieted and the dust settled, there were three pieces staring back at me. It was now clean and vacant of the crack; it now had the opportunity to be made into something amazing. By removing the crack a new birth had begun. The three individual pieces from one have come together into "The Renaissance Collection". Free from the crack and restored to become a piece of art.

​In life, cracks can happen in many different ways, by our choices or actions of others, they can become deep, very painful and can grow in length and they can branch off in all directions. How often do these cracks make us feel unsalvageable, ruined and worthless? How often do we want to hang on to that feeling because we feel it is what we deserve, or maybe we can punish the person who caused or added to the crack? Do we bury our pain, guilt and sin only to have it pop up causing us to feel more unsalvageable? Life does not have to be that way. Your Heavenly Father is offering hope, He has provided a way though His Son Jesus, and it is not by using a saw. It is by turning it over to the best crack destroyer around, and in doing that you will be free to fulfill your purpose and become something amazing.

​Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature, old things are passed away, behold all things become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 KJV


"The Gathering"


40"x60" Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclee

"The Black Hole"


40" x 40"  Black and White Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclee

"Natures Trilogy"

40" x 60"  Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclee

40" x 60" Gallery Wrapped Canvas Giclee