Distinctive Gourds, A Sculpture From Nature

How it began

Taking  a leap of faith,  Jim and I  moved from Michigan to a  small  community in Tennessee.  With sunsets that are painted in crimson and wildlife  just outside my studio window I have so much to be grateful for. The incredible surroundings continue  to take my breath away.

 I  am humbled by the ability God has given me to produce something that  others enjoy. I certainly was not looking for "one more thing to do" until He led  me to the materials and resources for this form of art. Since I began a  personal relationship with Christ and discovered Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through  Christ which strengthens me" the  fear of change and trying something new has become less of a challenge.  Under His direction, there is an  abundance of peace  and joy in my work. 

     My journey with gourds began when my brother in Michigan showed me a field of gourds that were going to be plowed under. He assured me I could do something with them and they were offered to anyone that was willing  to pick and haul them  away.  It took  months for the gourds to  dry.  I began reading everything I could find on the subject. I studied  the misshapen, sullied pile of misfits and saw  a viable means to  achieve something extraordinary and beautiful. I just wasn't sure what !!!! Later that winter while visiting my sister in Florida she showed me the long leaf pine trees behind her home that had been recently timbered. She too assured me I could do something with the needles. That took me  back to the internet  where I discovered an abundant amount of information on pine needle coiling. By the time the gourds were dry I was ready to let creativity take over.

    My very first designs received accolades and best of show ribbons.  Buyers then became collectors as I continued to bring in more pieces using  various techniques. I love to transport nature into my work.   My walks have become a  hunt for pinecones, acorns, tree branches and  driftwood, I harvest  sweet grass and Iris leaves from my property.The addition of antlers, turquoise, jasper  or agates add a spark  to many of my designs. Each piece is  one of a kind and sure to bring an  extraordinary element to your décor.

   I would like to give the glory to God for His direction and hand in my work.  A big thanks to my husband Jim who has sat back quietly watching the space in his garage be consumed by all the materials I have gathered. His support in so many areas has allowed me to pursue my passion. The journey has been incredible. I am grateful for all the encouragement from family, friends, and the new friends I have gained through this art. You are all priceless to me.