Distinctive Gourds
Sculpture From Nature

Meet the Artist

Marty McConnaughey,

Marty  McConnaughey is a sculptural artist whose passion for a natural, organic  design is evident in each piece she completes .  


  Proud member of: 

Arts and Cultural Alliance of Knoxville 

Fountain City Art Guild

​Foothills Craft Guild

​​Southern Highland Craft Guild


Distinctive Gourds, A Sculpture From Nature


It all begins with a humble gourd, most would not give it a second glance. I see it as viable means to create something unique and unexpected. The use of pine needles and other elements from nature brings an organic component that draws the viewer on a tranquil journey.

The hours I spend cleaning, scraping  and sanding a gourd allows me the time to study its form, its flaws, its strengths and what will make this piece unique from others. I am compelled to create a sculpture that enhances a wide range of decors: collectors find that  there is  a strong element in my work that compliments their individual tastes. 

I feel truly blessed for the opportunity to use what has been given to me to bring joy and inspiration to others.

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Distinctive Gourds

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